Sun Bread

Sun Bread

The perfect bread for any savory sandwich or burger, lightly dried and never baked the nutrition in this bread is ALIVE!

The organic sunflower seeds at the heart of our Sun Bread are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Zinc and Vitamin E. Between the two, this tasty treat provides essential immune support and helps fight damage to your body’s largest organ — your skin!

In addition, we use mountain wildflower honey (locally harvested, organic, and raw), combined with fresh red onion, gluten free organic tamari and the best cold pressed organic olive oil we can find. Pink salt finishes off Sun Bread with a savory tone that also provides trace minerals!

Mindfully prepared with organic ingredients:

Flax Seeds · Sunflower Seeds · Red Onion · Local Honey · Olive Oil · Gluten-Free TamariI · Pink Salt

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