Curry Ital Vibrations

Curry Ital Vibrations

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Betcha can’t eat just one — tasty beyond belief and excellent for digestive function, Curry Ital is the perfect light snack! 

Our jerky is made using coconuts hand cracked and peeled at their peak freshness. To turn the meat into jerky, we lightly dehydrate it to perfection before seasoning it with olive oil for richness, delicious spices, and pink salt for a savory nutritious tone.

Known to help burn fat due to the levels of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and high in both fiber and manganese, Curry Ital Vibration is easy to love and hard to put down!

Mindfully prepared with organic ingredients:
Coconut Meat · Lemon Juice · Curry · Taco Seasoning · Cumin · Pink Salt