Is your whole menu fully vegan?

We use all vegan ingredients except for raw local honey.

Why do you use Honey?

We see the medicinal properties in raw local honey.


· anti microbial

· anti fungal

· anti bacterial

· helps support the immune system

· aid in digestive issues.

What kind of honey do you use?

We get our honey from Honey Pacifica, they source their honey from local organic famers that work in sync with the bees and only harvest a safe amount so they can still thrive and prosper.

The best way to protect the bees is supporting organic farms and not purchasing any foods with pesticides. It is the pesticides being sprayed in crops that is proven to poison and sadly kill the bees.

Can you eat here if you are allergic to nuts?

If you have an allergy to nuts we advise not eat at our restaurant, depending on how severe your reaction is, some items may not contains nuts but is prepared in the same kitchen that we prepare other dishes we have nuts in. There is a chance of cross contamination.

Do you use soy products?

We use organic gluten-free Tamari. Tamari is an ancient and traditional ingredient dating back to the 7 century A.D. Tamari is the brew after soaking whole soybeans. It has no  artificial preservatives, wheat, or additives.

What sweeteners do you use?

We use:

Coconut sugar


Coconut blossom nectar

Local Honey

Maple Syrup

What is the difference between juices from wild and other places?

· Our House made juices are 100% raw, untreated and non pasteurized.

· All our juices are cold pressed meaning there is no high temperature processing. Cold pressed juicers are very effective in retaining nutrients. The juice also lasts for more days than regular juice since it has no oxidation.

· We only use organic ingredients. There are no dangerous pesticide in any juices we serve

· All juices and “milks” are bottled in glass to protect the beverage and you from absorbing any plastic related chemicals such as Bisphenol A and Phthalates.

What kind of salt do you use?

We only use Himalayan pink salt and black salt. We use absolutely no iodized salt.

What oils do you use?

Here is a list of all the oils we use:

· olive oil

· hemp oil

· pumpkin seed oil

· white truffle oil

· coconut oil

· sesame oil

What is the base of your ice cream?

Our ice cream is coconut based and we mean it. We are cracking coconut everyday to make our raw ice cream.

How do you warm  some of your dishes if they are raw?

Many have the misconception that raw food means cold food. We are here to change that stigma. We warm our dishes with steamers, dehydrators, and blenders all staying at a safe temperature of 118° and under. No need to have cold raw lasagna anymore.

Do you sprout your nuts?

We see sprouting as a necessary step in production when it comes to nuts. All of our raw living nut milks are soaked to remove the enzyme inhibitors for easy digestion and nutrient absorption!